Save the planet, keep bees

And on the plus side, there's honey. 

We keep bees at Fox's Garden for a lot of reasons.

One big reason, of course, is that our bees make honey, propolis  and gorgeous wax. 

My family enjoys our bees, and appreciate what they provide for us.  We hope you can enjoy what these lovely ladies provide as well. 

Fox's Garden provides local honey, wax products, and propolis health oil and tinctures. 

We also offer beekeeping classes and networking to local beekeepers and beekeeping clubs. 

The more people that get involved with beekeeping, the more plants and trees that can be pollinated, and the closer we get to saving the planet. 

So save the planet, and keep bees or support your local beekeepers!



And other bee products

Curious about our bees?

We currently have two hives.  One belonging to Queen Adela and one to Queen Helena. 

If you'd like to follow our colonies progression and inside the hive drama, be sure to subscribe to our blog and read my Bee Note series throughout the season!

Swipe through and click to read the Bee Notes series. 

May 14, 2020

What are the benefits to purchasing local honey and other bee products?