Pasture Raised

Our chickens roam free

23 Hens and a Rooster.

The eggs at Fox's Garden are pasture raised and free range.  This means that our chickens live outdoors and have access to over 2 acres of the homestead to forage and explore. 

We raise our chickens cage free, with ample space for fresh food, water, and nesting boxes for all of our hens. 

Our eggs are harvested daily, graded to commercial quality, and guaranteed fresher than any you can find at your local grocery store. 

My family wants the best for our chickens, so we can provide the best eggs for you and yours. 

Overall, Fox's Garden is guided by the values of joy and integrity.  We truly believe that that healthy eggs come from happy chickens, and that happy chickens roam free. 



Curious about our flock?

All of our chickens have names and each have a special place in our heart.


Flip through and click on each of our birds to see where our eggs come from and what kinds we have available for sale. 

Saphire Olive Egger

What are the benefits of local pasture raised eggs? 

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