Farm Fresh

Farm to table. 

Healthy and local produce. 

The produce at Fox's Garden is lovingly raised from our farm and sold directly to your table.  This means that our produce is raised from seedling, picked, processed, and sold all under our care - directly to you. 

We raise our produce pesticide free, and have in-depth profiles available on each of our varieties so you can know exactly what you are eating.  

Our produce is picked fresh and stored in cool temperatures until it can make its way to you. 

My family doesn't like creepy agri-business messing with our food, and we want to provide you with produce that is clean, honest, and fresh. 

Overall, Fox's Garden is guided by the values of joy and integrity.  We truly believe that that healthy produce comes from local grown small scale operations and that it moves directly from farm to table

the Fox's Garden promise

All of our produce is locally grown, pesticide-free, and non-GMO.  

From our farm to your table, no middlemen, no weird chemicals, no horsing around. Nutritious and delicious. Live your life Fresh and Free.



Curious about 

what's in season?

We grow our produce according to the season - so vegetables and herbs come and go as the weather changes. 

Flip through to see what's currently in stock and for sale.  Click on each to read more about the specifics of each of our produce items. 

Single Head or in a Salad Mix

What are the benefits of local farm fresh produce? 

Why buy Local Produce?