Nigerian Dwarf

Meet our Goats.

The story behind our herd. 

It began as a kind of tongue in cheek joke that slowly evolved into reality.  Our goats came to us as a retirement gift for Teresa. Her job included numerous teachings and metaphors pertaining to goats and sheep - so her congregation only thought it appropriate to gift us two goats as a thank you and dear farewell into retirement.

The two goats we received were Yaara, a pregnant Doe, and Lialah Tov, Yaara's year old daughter. 

In April of 2020, Yaara gave birth to two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl.  We named the girl Ronah and the boy Raziel.  The two kids have joined our herd and we are proud to say we have an adorable and healthy goat family that roams the homestead.

We could not be happier with this wonderful gift, and have come to love our goats more and more everyday. 

The goats were adopted from Rachel at Loving Acres who so graciously aides us with wise advice and practical lessons on goat care. 

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Visit and support loving acres, an amazing animal rescue and where we got our goats. 



We love our goats, and want the best for them.


We're also looking forward to working with them to complete a few projects including:

  1. Raw Goat Milk Gifts

  2. Goat Cheese for Sale

  3. Goat's Milk Soap Bars

  4. Building more playground space

  5. Renting for weed removal

  6. Studding Lialah for milk and more kids

  7. More fruits and veg for food

The more income we can manage, the faster we can reach these goals and provide these products, services, and opportunities for our goat herd. 

Would you be willing to consider a donation for these projects? 

If so, please click the red donate button! We'll make sure to give you a big thanks and free samples of our products thanks to your donation. 

Curious about 

our herd?

We raise our goats with tender love and care.  They've become a special part of our family - and bring us joy every day. 

Flip through to see each individual goat in our herd.  Click on each to read more about the specifics of each critter.

The Matriarch

What are the benefits of helping our goat herd? 

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