Delivery FAQ

Who can get local produce delivered? 

Anyone living in the Virginia Counties or Cities of

  • Dinwiddie

  • Prince George

  • Chesterfield

  • Richmond

  • Petersburg

  • Colonial Heights

  • Hopewell

How much does it cost to get produce delivered?

The handling fee for delivery is included in your purchase and is between 50 cents to a 2 dollars. 

When do you deliver?

Deliveries go out every Monday and leave from our Microfarm in Dinwiddie, Virginia. Your order will arrive at the shipping address you've provided between the times of 8:00am and 4:00pm. 

How will I know when my produce shows up?

Your contact phone number and email address will receive a confirmation message after drop off to let you know when your package arrives so you can dig in ASAP!

If it is contact-less delivery, where will you put my package?

We'll leave your produce package on your front step or directly outside the door of your apartment. 

What if I need to tell you a different location to drop off than my porch or I have another special instruction?

Please leave a note when you make your purchase using the feature "Tell the seller" or in the box SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS on the checkout page.  If you can't find those features, feel free to reach out and contact us directly. 

What if I placed an order for produce, but found out I do not live in your delivery area?

We'll refund your order in full as soon as possible. 

Can I cancel my delivery after I make a purchase? 

Yes, as long as it is before Thursday.  Cancel your delivery by contacting us directly and we'll refund your order.