A Little Bit of Sunshine 🌞

I know the farm fresh eggs cost more than .99 cents grocery store eggs. There is a reason for this...

A little bit of sunshine 🌞. .99 cents eggs come from drone chickens 😳😳😳. Those chickens are raised in bulk, never see the sunshine and are feed only prepackaged food 😑. Imagine living in caged lockdown your entire life. Never to go outside. Never to feel the sunshine on your face. Never to run and jump and meander or relax in the fresh air. Such is there lives. And this droll living is reflected in the quality of their eggs.

Not our girls. 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐓

They frolic and explore. They “ investigate” and snack. They lounge in the sun and feel the breeze. Their extracurricular activities not only make them happier, but healthier as well.

The fresh herbs they eat make them healthier...and their eggs. Plants 🌿 🥬 💐 ( yes, they eat my flowers!) and insects 🐛 🐞 🦗 have omega-3 naturally in them. As my girls munch and scratch and eat, these snacks transfer the omega-3 from the crunches into their eggs. When you eat their eggs, the beneficial fatty acid makes YOU healthier. Same with the beta carotene. When my girls lay in the sun 🌞 and meander in the yard, they are absorbing vitamin A D and C. You may not be in the sunshine all day, but my girls are😁. And my girls are happy to pass on their health to you.

So eating farm fresh eggs are like eating natural vitamin supplements.

- lower amounts of bad cholesterol

- less saturated fat

- higher amounts of vitamins A D C

- more omega 3 fatty acids

- more beta carotene.

Why purchase extra process supplements when you can get them naturally in my girls eggs. 🐔

So why spend more form farm fresh eggs? For your health.

Consider our girls and the benefits they are happy to pass on to you 💗

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