Bee Update: Bad news bees

More bad news. This time with my bees.

Here's a bad news bee update.

My beekeeping mentor is fantastic. He's also incredibly kind. As a budding new beekeeper, he had graciously offered me not one, but two nucs worth of bees. The bees were schedule to be ready to transfer to Fox's Garden by the first week in May.

Only a week away from the new hive installment, my mentor emailed me.

First, please let me remind you that beekeeping is agriculture. Agriculture is highly dependent on things outside your control. Not only weather - but mostly - but pandemics and other things not directly related. 

I took a deep breath. This was a concerning way to begin an email.

As the email went on, he broke the reality.

So, due to the cold and wet weather, I believe that both nucs probably have failed.

My heart sank. My heart is still sunk. I knew this could be a possibility. I understand the risks.

It still sucks when it happens though.

This whole enterprise started with my desire to beekeep ... and now my bees are gone.


I'm scrambling to find an alternative. Hopefully it isn't too late in the season to get my hands on some honey bees.

There's always hope, no matter how difficult things become. I'm determined to travel this road and make my dreams come true - risks and failures are bound to be a part of that journey.

As my mentor said, Agriculture is ups and downs and doesn't always reflect YOUR doing. Best to keep trucking. Wish me luck.

Take care out there.

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