Beginners Guide: Assemble frames for a honey bee hive

Have you just purchased your first honey bee hive? Excited to put it together and get your colony going?

I know that I was, but as a beginner, I had no idea how to assemble one of the most important parts of the hive - the frames!

My frames came in several parts and required construction. With a little practice and some mentor's help, I've discovered an extremely easy way to assemble hive frames. Read on to see my beginners guide to assemble frames for a bee hive.

You'll need a few things before you get started.




Nails; 18 Gauge x 3/4 inch Stainless Steel

Hive woodenware

Frame top (1)

Frame bottom (1)

Frame sides (2)

Wax sheet (1)


First things first

1. Take the Frame bottom, or the larger woodenware piece, and attach both of the frame sides.

  • Use hammer to tap into place if the sides do not sit flush with the frame bottom.

  • You can double check if they are square by using a speed square (optional)

  • You can also add a small amount of wood glue to the frame sides before attaching if you are uncomfortable hammering the frame (optional)


2. Hammer a nail into the top corner where the frame pieces connect.


3. Flip your frame over and around to the opposite side piece. Hammer another nail into the side piece just as you did with the first side.


4. Take the frame bottom and attach to your nailed frame. Do NOT glue.


5. Choose one end of the bottom frame and nail into the side piece.

The frame should now be connected in 3 corners with one corner that can open and close.


6. Insert your wax sheet into the frame and align with the grooves of your frame pieces.

7. Close your frame and nail the last corner shut.


Your frame is complete!

Rinse and repeat - use the same process to complete as many frames as you need for your hive box. Most hive boxes are either 8 or 10 frames.

Good luck on your bee hive! Make sure to subscribe by clicking the link above by our logo, for more tutorials and information on beekeeping.

Take care out there!

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