Breaking in the Chicken Village

The chicks are almost 4 weeks old!

In prepartion for their big move from indoors to outdoors, we've been working on "hardening" them to the outside conditions. On warm days (60 degree F or higher) we've taken them outside and let them mull around their coops. They have been working on traveling up their ramps and roosting on their roost bars.

Yesterday, we had lots of work to do around the chicken enclosure (quaintly known as the "Chicken Village") and it was so WARM (80 degrees F) that we figured the little guys should break in their Village. So, yesterday was the first day our free rangers roamed free in their Chicken Village. They were spooked easily, and many would dart back and forth between the wide open space of the Village square and their cover in the coop - but everyone made it out to explore eventually.

So awesome :D

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