Caught red-handed!

You'll never guess what happened.

We were just about to begin an official chicken count when we heard screaching from the back of the garden.

A fox, a fox, a fox! There was a fox chasing William!

William's feathers left from the fox attack

It took a few bites from his tail feathers too! How horrible.

The fox was eventually chased off and the chickens rounded up.

We have them spending the rest of the day in their coops sheltered in their chicken garden.

Fans set up on the coops

And thanks to our awesome new electrical installation, we have power at the coops enough to run a few fans on the flock to keep folks cool.

Petunia keeping it real, Chickens sitting in front of the fan

One of our gardners has rushed out to get a trap for the fox. We'll have to see what happens next.

Stay tuned.





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