Chicken Profile: Petunia

We want you to know where - and who - your eggs come from. Responsible agriculture is super important to us, and our goals include providing transparency for our customers and celebrating the natural world that provides for us.


Petunia is a Rhode Island Red chicken that was purchased from Hoover's Hatchery. She is one of our three Rhode Island Red hens. Ms. Petunia has a special place in our hearts - she is at the bottom of our flock's pecking order. Petunia is quite frequently the last to return to the coop, and is usually found alone, wandering by herself. Petunia is not the brightest bulb in the box, but she makes us laugh and warms out heart. If you can't find Petunia out clucking about on her lonesome, she's probably ruffling through the straw in the goat shelter.

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