Deep clean

I preformed a deep clean - muck - of the goat shed yesterday.

Between the weather and my schedule, I just hadn't been able to give it a one over since the babies were born.

I was able to remove all the old bedding to the compost pile and some other projects around the garden.

I replaced the nesting bales as well. You can see the babies resting on the fresh bales, everyone was content.

I also went to war with some nasty pests that had begun to make their home in the shed. I won my battles with the wasps that decided to build a nest on the shed ceiling. Even more terrifying, but victorious, was my fight with a 3 inch long centipede I found in the hay. I stomped it as soon as I saw it rear it's scary head, but only successfully killed half of the beast. It took another minute of stomping and screaming to destroy the other half (centipedes have to be my least favorite animal in the kingdom).

The ceiling needed some patching, and I was able to get that done once the straw was all cleared out.

Once all the other maintenance was finished, I laid down all new fresh straw for the bedding.

All in all, a good day's work.

The shed smelt much better and had a fresher feel to it.

The babies are growing so fast! They've been running and playing and have begun to climb our goat tree. Too cute.

Here's one for the road - Ronah and Raz resting on their new bales.

Isn't she such a cutie?

We'll have goats milk coming soon. Not for sale, but defiantly to share and try. Subscribe by clicking the subscribe button above to stay in touch and find out when it will be available!

Take care out there <3

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