Easy to build and affordable goat milking stand.

Industry designed goat milking stands, or stanchions, can cost a pretty penny.

For example:

Add shipping fees and you're well on your way to a bill of $300 or more.

The stands also have a very industrial feel - with the goat's head clamped into a cold, metal hold. The stands also appear heavy, with sharp corners and edges.


There's an affordable alternative to expensive goat milking equipment that takes only a day and $75 worth of materials to construct.

I decided to build my own stanchion at home with a simple selection of tools and under $100 worth of materials from my local hardware store.

Using this awesome plan and set of instructions from Hobby Farms, I was able to single handily put this together at 33 weeks pregnant, no less.

I've tested it already as a hoove trimming stand, and it works wonderfully with my adult nigeran dwarf goat.

The stand is easy to move, and with a coat of polyurethane holds up well in the elements. Overall, the stand cost about $75 (not including the price of tools used) to construct, and only required basic woodworking skills to build. I also appreciate the "softer" and more "natural" feel of the wood and sanded edges on my stand.

The goats don't seem to mind using it - and I can't wait to milk Yaara with the stand this coming April.

Head on over to Hobby Farms for some awesome instructions and a fantastic design plan for an affordable and easy to build goat milking stand.

Be sure to show Hobby Farms some ❤️❤️❤️ if you end up using their design.

[Here's a pdf of the plans in case of broken link]

So, what are you waiting for? Pull out your tools, pick a sunny afternoon and get to building your alternative affordable goat milking stand - just in time for the season.

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