Find your joy: Chickens !?! 🐓

My epic quest is to create a chicken garden.🌱⛩🌱I just keep reading, listening, and imagining. My first concern is that TOO MANY CHICKENS DIE YOUNG.😢

So my garden design needs to provide the beauty I want with the security they need.

On two sides of the fenced in area I am planting beach roses. I have seen them while hiking. The bushes grow about 4 x 4. They bloom abundantly; are full of prickles and are dense. A perfect hedge to protect my girls!🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓. On the other side is the fence to the 🐐🐐. While Yaara and Laila are super, they cannot protect at night. So I am not sure what to plant on that side. All 4 sides have fencing, but I want to protect them as much as a garden will allow. On the fourth side is the entrance to the garden. Here I will have fencing and a gate ⛩. Peonies will be inside the fence and a hedge bush distylium (4 x 5) will protect the front.

I have heard of too many precious ones being eaten. So protection is my first goal. I am working on the fencing this week. So hope for me and them.



/. 🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱 /

/ /

/. 🌹 /. 🐐

/ 🌹 🐓 / 🐐

/ 🌹 🐓 🐓 /

/ 🌹 🐓 /

/ 🌹 🐓 /

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