Goat Update

Here's a quick update on our two favorite goats!

Yaara, the mama, and Laila Tov, the baby, are doing great. This is a recent photo of them hanging out on one of their favorite spots in the pen.

The table is an older piece of furniture that's found a well-used place in the goat pen. The box came to us from our neighbor. He was cleaning out his garage and thought our goats might enjoy it. They sure do. Thank you Beanie!

The weather here has been all over the place this last week. We've had a lot of rain and unusually high temperatures. The next few days should level out and return to normal winter temps of the area.

To keep the goats warm we'll make sure to lay plenty of straw to keep their house warm. They also love being served warm water flavored with molasses in the early morning.

Take care out there <3

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