Goat Woes: A rough week

This week has been a rough week.

Happy and healthy animals are the top priority here at Fox's Garden. It's always hard when you see your critters struggling.

Copper Bolus Supplement

To start - I have been unsuccessful with getting any goat milk.

This is my first time milking anything, let alone our girl Yaara. It seems like it's also Yaara's first time being milked by a human being.

We both felt awkward, and scared. It has not gone well.

I've been able to get some milk, but Yaara has kicked over the pan each time.

They say you shouldn't cry over spilt milk....

But it's worse than spilt milk. Yaara has gotten spooked beyond normal. She jumps anytime I try to pet her. It's easier to play with her daughter, Lilah, than with her - which has never been the case until recently.

I feel horrible about it. My relationship has been hammered with Yaara. The prospect of getting milk is thin. Ugh.

It's at least relieving to know that she's letting down her milk for the babies and that they're doing well.


On top of the scaring milking experiences, Yaara is having some other issues. She started to look pretty scruffy about a month ago.

I wasn't sure what was going on. Was it just a transitional phase between her winter and summer coat? I didn't know.

She, unfortunately, has gotten worse and worse. Her coat has lost it's luster and is rough with split ends. Her tail is balding. She's thin in the hips, and her feet look strange.

After doing research, upset and afraid, I found that Yaara may be suffering from a copper deficiency.

I rushed to the store and purchased copper boluses and was fortunate enough to feed her one. I'm not sure about the dosage she should receive, so I've only dosed her one bolus. I'll keep track of her progress, and if I don't see any changes in a week or two, she'll receive another dose.


Last but not least, Lilah has gotten oddly aggressive. She uses her horns to head butt me when she doesn't get grain or treats as fast as she would like.

We're trying to dial back some of the grain we've been feeding the goats, due to their constipation. Their poop has been out of sorts - and I'd really like to get them back on track with their diet. I need accurate poop readings so I can know if they are having any other health problems! I'm also concerned about extra weight gain or bloating issues from a poor diet.

Woof. A rough week for my goats and I. We'll keep trucking and doing our best to provide our goats with a healthy and happy existence.

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