Goats update

The babies are getting adjusted.

Both had some congestion issues in their lungs and have received some medications to deal with that (my first time administering shots). The little boy, Raziel, has been banded and is taking anti-inflammatory medication for the pain.

The little ones have both successfully latched and gotten on their legs. They can hop onto the straw bales inside the goat shed and they nuzzle together for warmth there.

Yaara, the Mama is recovering and doing well too. She's bonded with both of the little ones and is slowly loosing the pregnancy weight.

Lilah Tov is getting used to her younger siblings. You can tell she's excited about having more herd mates. She lightly head butts and plays with the tiny ones - though I wish she'd be careful.

Overall, it's cuteness overload here at Fox's Garden.

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