Market Idea #1: Braided Garlic

There's something romantic about braided garlic.

It makes me think of home on the coast in Southern Italy, or a bustling castle kitchen in medevial Britian.

Why isn't it sold that way anymore? I get the appeal! It hangs on the wall near your stove, and you pluck garlic off as needed. As someone who uses garlic almost daily, I've been itching to try some braided garlic of my own - and ponder the thought that perhaps others would be fond of this idea as well.

So may I present to you Market Idea #1: Braided Garlic.

One large part of our business stratedgy is to provide products that you can not necessarily get your hands on in the everyday groccers. Why else buy local?

It's true that for most it can be hard to shop local farmers markets, and to pay a premium price for something they can buy cheaper at their local Walmart.

So we want to provide an incentive to take those extra steps to purchase from us, by providing high quality and unique products.

My hope is to grow a lot of the soft neck garlic to be harvested and sold as braids. Each braid will have instructions on how to use, and perhaps come with a recipe card or two.

The romantic imagery of braided garlic is one I can't shake, and is my official market idea #1.

I'll periodically share these ideas with you, and update how they turn out. It's all part of the journey after all.

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