Meet Fox.

Things have been busy around the Garden, really busy.

Meet Fox, my (Rebecca's) son. He showed up March 02, 2020, in the morning. We spent a few days in the hospital to recover and came home on March 05, 2020. He's now just over a week old.

My pregnancy with Fox was not super complicated, but he drained a lot of my energy - and eventually - I ended up with toxemia. I spent many weeks sick and weak. Work has fallen behind at the Garden, and the guilt of falling behind has been heavy at times.

Now that Fox is here, I'm beyond happy to hold him in my arms. I'm also thrilled that my energy and health is returning. I've been catching up on work, and plans are coming together.

This is who our Garden is named after. Fox is my first child and a brand new chapter in my life. The Garden is a new chapter as well, and part of my dream situation for my family.

I have worked hard over the years to create a financially stable life - and it worked - but I was not happy, my husband was not happy. Though we had the finances to have a child, we did not have the support or time to do so.

9 months ago we moved back to our hometown, and with the help of our families and friends - we've been able to start moving towards a healthier and happier life.

I can't wait to start this brand new journey. I am beyond thrilled to experience this new chapter. And I can't appreciate more all of the wonderful people who are helping me along the way.

So, here is the Mr. Fox of Fox's Garden. I hope that he can enjoy the Garden as he grows, as it grows. My hope is that it also provides us with health and happiness - just as I know he will.

Welcome to the world baby Fox.

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