Meet our Trees #1

One of my favorite things about our Garden has to be the wonderful trees we have here. Many of the trees have been around on the property for over 20 years. I've watched them grow, and they all have their own unique character and place in my heart.

I'd love for you to meet them.

To get us started, let me introduce you to the first tree, one that has a close place to our hearts here at the Garden.

Meet our backyard Dogwood!

The backyard Dogwood, or Cornus florida, is a lovely little tree that sits next to our patio and can be seen from the kitchen. This dogwood was one of the easier trees to climb when my brother and I were children. While I do not climb it anymore, one of our cats, Squeak, climbs the tree when she needs a safe space to be from the neighborhood dogs or any other scary surprises at the Garden.

Our local song birds use it as a perch to swoop up and down to the feeder. In the summertime, hummingbirds zoom in and out of the leaves as they fight for territory nearest the hummingbird feeder that hangs from our kitchen window.

This tree has been here since before 1996, and came with the Garden when my parents purchased it years ago.

We love our backyard dogwood - as it blooms in spring and grows leaves to create a lovely spot of shade for us on hot summer days. It's always sad to see it naked in the winter, but we know it will soon bloom again when the weather warms.

Do you have any dogwoods or trees that bloom beautiful flowers?

Get out of your house for some fresh air the best you can with Social Distancing and let me know what flowers you find!

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Take care out there,


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