Our plans for Fox's Garden

This all started months ago. We've been throwing around ideas since June. We got more and more serious as the summer went on. Sometime in October of 2019, we decided to commit to a serious garden. As the plans came together, Mom and I continued to dream and sketch out our ideas.

It is now January of 2020. We've made a genuine amount of progress since October 2019, primarily the creation of our goat habitat and the adoption of Yaara and Liala.

We have even more plans, that will take time to come to reality, but we're so excited to take this plunge. Let us show you what our idea for Fox's Garden is! Check this out.

The plans for Fox's Garden.

1.   Goats

2.  Chickens

3.  Bee hives

4.  Vegetable Planters

5.  Mushrooms and Moss farm

6.  Berry Trellis

7.  Flowers and plants for Bees

8.  Herb Planters

A. The overall plan.

A. What's done.

Labeled above is our overall visual plan for Fox's Garden. We have already completed the Goat habitat and Berry Trellis. The Berry Trellis was designed by Mom over the past couple of years. Right now, it has multiple black berry plants growing on it. We hope to add more types of berries and boost our blackberry harvest this year. The chicken area and Labyrinth garden has already been sectioned off.

B. The Goats.

We worked November and December of 2019 to build our goat shelter and fencing/gate. Our goats came to us on Hanukkah of 2019. We've had them just shy of a month at this point. We've figured out the basics of taking care of them, and every day they seem to settle in to their habitat and relax from the transition.

So where do we go from here?

  • Is Yaara pregnant? : Loving Acres has attempted to stud Yaara, and suspects she is pregnant with a little baby goat. We will have to keep a close eye on Yaara and make sure she stays safe and healthy over the next couple of months. If she is to have another baby (or twins!) they should show up sometime in April. Helping her have the babies and then taking care of the new goat(s) will be a new learning experience we're all looking forward too.

  • Reinforcing the fence: There are a few places around the habitat fence that could do with some more T-poles. There's question of reinforcing some of the larger wooden poles with braces as well. This is an upcoming project.

  • Goat health care: This, to me, is the most daunting task at hand. We love our goats and want them to be healthy and happy little guys. Goat health care is a brand new area of information to the both of us, however. There's goat hoof cleaning and trimming to take care of - I've been nervous to hold the goats 7 months pregnant with this massive basketball on my stomach. Not to mention there's making sure the goats do not have worms, and are getting the correct amount of minerals and nutrition. Lots to learn here! I'll be sure to write up some posts on what we learn and how things progress.

C. Chickens

Mom is really looking forward to the chickens. She's our bird expert in the family. I admit, I'm excited to learn about chickens, and so pumped about the fresh eggs! We have a long list to get ready for our feathered friends.

  • Finishing the chicken fence. The biggest relief concerning the fence is that it is at least not as heavy as the goat/sheep fence we put up for our goats. Mom has painted and gathered our posts for the fence. She got the posts all for free and we're recycling wood using them. More details on that in a future post.

  • Building the coops. Yep. We ordered some coops, but they have to be assembled.

  • Learning all we can before the chickens show up. We have a few friends that are willing to fill us in on what they know. Mom and I are both studying up using books and online resources to learn what we can as well.

  • Buying the chickens. We have to decide what kind of chickens we'd like, if we're getting adults or raising chicks, and where we can buy the little guys.

D. Bees

The bee idea was all me. Last spring, I was still living up in Alaska. One day I was at our local airport waiting for my prescription to be delivered from Juneau. A neighbor showed up to pick up a buzzing box full of - HONEY BEES! I had never heard of such a thing. Granted, I had never put a lot of thought into raising bees, or how anyone else accomplished such a thing. From that moment though, I was fascinated and tried reading and watching as much as I could about beekeeping. As soon as I returned to Virginia, in June, I asked Mom if she would be ok with raising bees in Dinwiddie. I've convinced her to the benefits of beekeeping, and she's tasked me with the primary responsibility of setting it all up. She's been kind enough to get me into contact with an experienced beekeeper in an adjacent county, and he's been kind enough to begin mentoring me in the way of the bee. Next up:

  • Begin my beekeeping classes in February. They'll be held at Rockwood Park in Chesterfield County. We can't wait! My husband will be joining in on the fun and going with me. My baby boy, Fox, should be arriving soon after the classes begin ... and we'll have to find a way to keep up, but I know we can do it!

  • Purchase my hive and keeping equipment. I have some posts coming up on where I'll be purchasing the equipment and what I learn along the way.

  • Build the hives and set them up.

  • Wait for the bees!

D. Produce & Plants

This is the arena Mom and I are already the most experienced in. We're hoping to set up a number of vegetable plots, grow flowers, and set up a few herb planters. Here's specifically what we have coming up to get finished.

  • Building plots and planter boxes.

  • Ordering seeds. We'll be sharing more details on the specifics of this soon.

  • Setting up an area to sprout our seeds and start that process.

  • Transplanting sprouts for the first season.

  • Letting the bottom yard turn into a meadow and planting flowers in the flower beds.

  • The labyrinth: This will be an extensively large undertaking. Keep an eye out for Mom's big project and the details coming soon!

E. The Business

While we have always gardened for fun, we've decided to start a legitimate small business and sell our products from Fox's Garden. We've never done anything quite like it before, but you never know until you try! Here's what we're working on to get ready.

  • Register an LLC and open business account.

  • Signing up for farmers market and determining what we'll need for a few sales there.

  • Finding and building our cliental.

  • Finishing the set up and developing our web presence.

  • Perfecting and systemizing our social media routine.

So there is its! Our overall list of "to dos" and what we're working on for Fox's Garden. We figure it's a learning process and it will take time to get this up and running. We also figure we'll make some mistakes and that we have a lot of to learn. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you here on our blog and social media accounts.

Hopefully what we learn can be relayed to others to help them in our garden.

Do you have any advice or resources for our projects? Please feel free to drop your ideas off in our comments! We love hearing from you :D

We're so excited about Fox's Garden. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog and instagram to get the latest updates on our adventure.

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