Priorities this week

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

  1. Animal health and maintenance

  2. Grow stuff

This is where I need to focus. This is our big priority right now.

Focus. Health. Product.

Our critters are so important to us and we really want the best for them 💕 So periodically I will take a reflective look at how our animals are doing and make sure that top care is being afforded. I’ll adjust or change anything that needs to and usually learn something new along the way.

There is so MUCH going on with our chickens right now. The newest issue has to do with a broody hen.

She’s sitting on four eggs and won’t let anyone near them. Today is the second day she’s been in such a state so I left food and water in the box with her.

I want to check every few hours and see what I can do. I’d love to see homegrown baby chicks - but this is my first time with a broody chicken!

I’ve added turnips and beets today. They both have a 5 day germination deadline.

If they do not germinate the way I hope they do I will have to return to the drawing board and figure out what to try next.

Ugh - but that’s farther off than I need to be worrying. The truth is I am very excited about my plantings and hope to see 100s of cute little sprouts in no time.

The goal is to grow - grow - grow.

I wonder what else can I get going before the end of the day?

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