Produce Profile: Navaho Blackberries

Our berries are thornless - sweet to the touch, and sweet to the taste.

blackberry flower
Blackberry flowers at Fox's Garden

Fox's Garden promise: All of our produce is grown locally, pesticide free, and non-GMO.

Our blackberries are ready every summer just in time for a nice snack on the beach or by the lake. We harvest the berries as soon as they ripen. They are then packaged and sold directly to you!

blackberries growing on a trellis in a garden
Blackberry Trellis at Fox's Garden

Rubus fruticosus is a native plant to Virginia, and we are so proud to grow and sell these lovely fruits!

These babies are PACKED with vitamin C, and also come with vitamin K and magnesium.

It's so easy to bake the blackberries into a pie, cobbler, or smoothie. They are versatile and work as sweet ingredients - let they ripen some more after purchasing and they add a tangy taste to your baking!

We also have Navaho blackberry plants for sale in the store and at the market. Buy one to plant in your own garden and see just how easy it is to have your own fresh berries every summer.

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