So I have been digging.

So I have been digging.⛏. Before I construct my chicken houses, I need to put up the chicken fence. And to put up the chicken fence 🐥🐥🐥 I need to plant the fence posts ( feels like quadratic equations and orders of operation!!!).

So last weekend I put in about a third of my posts I###I###I###I. The goats 🐐🐐 were my company. They followed me around. Two days of digging. I am sore and have taken a break. My hope is to get the fencing completed by the end of January.

In the meantime, I am looking for objects for my garden. If anyone can help my scavenger hunt: I am looking for a two-foot ladder to be a roosting garden accessory. I am looking for some kind of water feature🗼. I may go down to Carvati’s Salvage to find something cool. And I am looking for a ⛩ for my chicken’s entrance.

Please 🙇‍ for me. I have more digging.

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