Something amazing happened

So the last time I had posted about our Goats, I was attempting to contact the Farm Vet and schedule a time to come and check on mama Yaara.

Here's Yaara out and about late in her pregnancy.

Hilariously enough, the Farm Vet reached out to me the following day - but I had my hands a bit full and missed his call.

Friday April 3rd, I went outside to gather some sticks to use as bean poles in the garden.

I played with the chickens for a bit, and then looked over towards our goat pen.

Yaara was inside the shed - which wasn't totally unusual. The further along she got in the pregnancy the more she stayed inside, chilling (I totally understand).

What was different, was that her daughter, Lilah Tov, was also in the shed, just peaking out.

I made my way over to the pen, and while Lilah usually bolts out in hope of a treat, she remained in the shed.


As I entered the pen, I wondered if the time was near, and boy was I right.

I opened the shed doors wide open and saw that our girl, Yaara, was laid up.

Having just given birth myself, I knew the look. The baby goats were coming, and coming soon.

Lilah Tov jumped up and down in the shed around her mother, Yaara. I scolded her, reminding her to be careful around mama Yaara who looked very, very pregnant.

And lo-and-behold, Yaara stood up, turned around with her rear facing me, and went right into labor.

"Push, push, push, girl! You can do it!" I yelled.

The water broke, the labor began, and out came a little goat head.

I knew then that she'd be ok to push on her own, so I dashed up to the house for towels, gloves, and the other supplies we'd need after the delivery.

Once I got back to the bottom of the hill, there were two baby goats lying on the straw in the shed. TWO!

I couldn't believe it.

I spent the next few hours helping mama Yaara clean off and tend to the little ones.

It was exhausting, but a magical experience.

Something amazing happened:

I helped deliver two beautiful baby goats that are now a part of the Fox's Garden family.

Let me introduce to you the newest members of the family, Raziel and Ronah.

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