Spring Produce Update

All of the spring produce has officially been planted.

Produce should be ready for market in 2-3 months.

This is an experimental year at the Garden.

What will grow the best, what will sell the best, what will happen?!

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Sneak peak of what's in the garden this spring:

- Purple Broccoli

- Spring Raab Broccoli

- Rainbow Swiss Chard

- Rainbow Carrots

- Large Leeks from Monticello

- Purple scallions and Tokyo Long Bunching (white) scallions

- Shallots

- Heirloom Cippolini Onions

- Snap peas

- Purple pole beans

- Red lettuce

- Tom Thumb lettuce

- Cockscomb flowers

- Non-GMO Cabbage

- Red Raddichio

Which is your favorite?

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