The Chicken Garden: Our Hopes and Dreams

From Becc:

The initial purpose and goal of Fox's Garden was simple: self sustainability. I've always been interested in home grown food and having more control over my own independence - free of corporate dependence and having security in times of scarcity.

However, as the Garden evolved, so did its purpose and our goals.

Our goals now are not only growing our own food, but developing self sustainable ecosystems to do so. As we learn and develop, we hope to help share this information with anyone interested in creating their own permaculture spaces. In turn, Fox's Garden wants to work its hardest to help contribute to a Green Revolution - building a fresher and free future for the people.

We want to get rid of food deserts, help people eat delicious healthy meals, teach others how to cook nutritional and affordable dishes, bring communities together, develop gardens that calm and heal, lower carbon footprints of local neighborhoods, and teach how to grow sustainable food for future generations to come.

So where our original goal was to have our own source of protein and to collect pasture raised eggs - our sense of purpose has expanded.

Here's our hopes and dreams for the Chicken Garden.

Let's create a PERMACULTURE CHICKEN ENVIRONMENT and develop it to double as an EDUCATIONAL CENTER.

  1. Provide shelter and an area for raising chickens and eggs.

  2. Create an area that chickens enjoy and can live in by installing plants and infrastructure that provide food, exercise, and other health benefits for the animals.

  3. Develop a system that promotes composting food waste, collection of manure, creating garden compost, and promoting pesticide free pest control using chickens.

  4. Design the area to be visually appealing and one that people may visit and relax in - similar to a flower garden's appeal.

  5. Produce curriculum, online resources, in-person classes, and advocacy actions that help teach others how to do the same.

  6. Promote awareness for sustainable food farming, current pollution issues, responsible waste management, and climate change.

A lot of our inspiration for this overall project comes from Free Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom.

Some general inspiration:

This layout has some fantastic design goals and a great map for visual examples and comes to us from Sierra Sustainable Homestead.

There's a lot worth learning in the "Permaculture Bible" as I've heard it referred to - the manuals written by Bill Mollison. I've only begun to sort through the volume of info available. Here are a few relevant pieces.

In the end, I (Becc) feel an urgent need to make things better. Our food systems are unsustainable and dangerous. Our communities are in isolation and hurting. Our planet is polluted and changing against us. The future has never been more uncertain.

As a mother I want a prosperous future for my son. I'm hoping to use Fox's Garden as a way to help ensure there's even a future to be had.

Want to join in the Revolution? Click subscribe at the top of the page and join our mailing list. Be sure to keep an eye out for developments as we work to make this a reality and begin to offer classes.

Support our project by purchasing from our store or you own local farmers.

Here's to the future - our hopes and dreams.

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