The Egg Biz: Our progress

Eggs are here!

What is our progress with the Fox's Egg Business?


Eggs are here!

We are so excited to announce that our eggs are officially here and ready for delivery! Our hens started laying eggs in the last few weeks. Slowly, but surely, we've had more and more eggs show up in the morning. We are now consistently collecting enough eggs to offer them for sale.

These eggs are AMAZING.

Let me be the first to swear to you how amazing these eggs are. We've raised our hens as pasture ranged - which means they have free roam of their environment and have a diversified organic diet.

They lay their eggs usually between 7:00 AM - 10:30 AM in the morning, and all of them perfer their own nesting boxes.

We come through and collect the eggs multiple times a day between 7:00 AM- 11:00 AM.

Eggs are immediately stored at 45 degrees and are best used by 3 weeks from that official day. We label and record our collections each morning.

Each egg is unique, due to the diversity of our flock. We have some sisters, but overall, we will have almost 12 different breeds laying.

The yolks are rich and meaty, the whites clear and crisp. These things are delicious and add richness to any dish they're added to.

It's so satisfying to know exactly where these eggs came from and know that they were built on the back on healthy free-ranged local diets.

We're still working on the official packaging/branding.

We've taken the time to learn Virginia Egg laws. Our packages are up to code, but not officially branded and artistically completed. This is coming and should be finished by the end of the week.

What is our progress with Fox's Egg Business? ozens and full dozens for purchase via the market or meet up/pick up orders starting this week.

Message us on Facebook to order now!

We can work out a pick-up location or you can request delivery to stay safe but still enjoy local food and ingredients. Just let us know what works best for you in your message.

Take care out there, and happy baking!

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