The Matriarch: Yaara

Yaara is a 3 year old Nigerian Dwarf goat.

She is the Matriarch of our small goat herd.

Yaara means honey/honeycomb in Hebrew. She is the mother of the rest of our herd members and leads the group. If you watch Yaara, she tends to her children and shows them what to eat. All of the herd follows her around the homestead and looks to her for guidance.

Her coat is primarily black with white streaks randomly about and a large white spot on her head. Yaara was dis-budded by a previous owner, and unfortunately has grown some scurs.

She is still a very beautiful lady.

Yaara loves fresh fruit. Everything from apples, to bananas, and even watermelon - Yaara scarfs down quickly and with glee.

Mama Yaara is currently own only goat producing milk. She is being trained to milk more regularly.

She is a fantastic mother and a very sweet goat. While she may be stubborn at times (what goat isn't), we're very lucky to have her.

Yaara cleaning up baby Ronah after delivery.

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