To Catch a Fox: Part 1

So it has been confirmed that indeed a fox is the result of our missing chickens and the prepertrator of a recent assault.

So what now?

How does one necessarily catch a fox?

The fox has been taking our chickens mid-day.

This is probably a desperate fox.

Could be that she has babies.

Oh man.

This entire situation is just - - R O U G H.

We tried baiting a live animal trap last night with a baked chicken breast.

The trap was stashed on the edge of the woods where the assault was witnessed.

humane catch release live animal trap wire pest
Humane catch/release live animal trap

The assumption was that it was worth a shot.

This morning we checked the trap to find it on its side.

live animal trap woods catch wire cage
Trap flipped over and missing bait

No more chicken bait...

Silly, silly, silly.

We're still unsure of what to do, but group consensus wants to try to let the chickens out for the time being.

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