Well, it happened.

We were told it would happen, and well.... it eventually did.

We've lost chickens.

Good, strong, cute, awesome, amazing chickens.


Our black maran Coco was last seen exiting the property into the dense woods to the east.

A grey chicken named Maurice was last seen about the yard before disappearing.

As is natural, as is bound to occur - but still very sad.


You take all that you can in the permaculture system and make the most out of what is available.

And while two chickens are lost, what IS available is a special lesson learned in business and chicken rearing.

We'd been hemming and hawing when it came to naming all the chickens - but this is totally important! WHY? Because naming them makes it easier to keep track of them and you'll notice when they're gone faster.

Coco and Maurice were named chickens and accounted for - so when they disappeared, it was noted within 48 hours.

Upon discovering the missing chickens, we sat in the chicken yard and counted all of our chickens and came to realize we were missing multiple chickens that we hadn't even noticed missing!

These were some of the un-named chickens.

It had taken us that much longer to realize the un-named chickens had been missing.

So, the lesson from all of this?

Name or identify ALL of the chickens in your flock.

Names, serial numbers, etc. Whatever you need to use based on the scale of your operation.

RECORD THIS INFORMATION. And do inspections of your flock on a weekly, bi-monthly, whatever you need a schedule.

The sooner you notice chickens missing, the sooner you can

  1. Look for the missing chicken and perhaps save it

  2. Get on top of ordering replacements

As for how to combat losing the chickens... I'm still unsure as to how their deaths occurred so it's hard for me to pinpoint a specific solution.

A friend of ours suggested that it was a fox due to the lack of any "chicken death evidence" around the Garden.

But who knows. I guess we just keep our eyes peeled and watch the yard.

Unfortunately, neither of these chickens had profiles created... and I'm having a hard time even finding photos of the girls. It's heartbreaking.

In honor of their memories, we'll make sure to learn all we can from their deaths and put what we learn in action.

Be prepared for a ton of chicken profiles and records coming to the blog soon! 😁

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