Why grow a garden?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Many of my friends and family have asked the question you, yourself may be wondering: Why?

Why invest the time, money, and hard work into such a thing? You may be reflecting on the fact, like us, you have limited space and experience.

"So what's your motivation?"

Well let me explain.

Here are 5 great reasons to grow a garden.

1. We are nature lovers.

Both my mother and I are nature lovers. We get a lot of joy from playing with nature. Whether it be oohing and ahhing at the beauty of plants or laughing and playing with our animals - we love it. Our whole lives have been filled with hikes, zoos, pet stores, and learning about wildlife. It's something that brings us pure happiness, and that we have decided to incorporate into our daily lives to maximize our well being and delight. It's a great feeling to care for other living things and watch them grow. We're excited to really invest in the reality that we both love nature and the living world around us.

2. Gardens are good for the environment.

With climate change and a rapidly declining natural environment, we both wish to do more to help the natural world around us. Local gardens are a great way to get involved in a greener world movement. Whether it be responsible growing and harvesting practices, developing bee hives for pollination, or actively composting and recycling our waste - we want to be better to our local environment and believe our garden is a great place for us to start.

3. Fun!

Gardens can be so much fun! We'll be outside working together in the sun and fresh air. Everyday and every new project helps us develop new skills that boost our self esteem. It keeps our love of nature alive and allows us to learn more about the ecosystem and ourselves. Not to mention - we get to play with animals :D

4. Make $$$ and provide for others.

It's pretty self explanatory why making money would be a reason. Don't you want to do something you love and profit financially from it? We sure do! Not only that, but it's possible to make money while helping our local community. We want to provide education and inspiration to others considering growing gardens. It's also a goal to help others get easy access to high quality healthy foods and combat the food deserts in our local areas. Our bottom line is to develop an honest and transparent business for others around us.

5. Good for your health.

Gardening is good for your health. Numerous studies conducted over the years have pointed to tons of benefits for your physical and mental well being. I have linked some, both academic and popular below for you to check out.

Mom and I want to do something that can get us outdoors in the sun and fresh air. Gardening and being closer to nature in the past, has helped the both of us combat depression and stress. Not to mention, local produce, eggs, and dairy can help contribute to a healthier diet, replacing processed food and take out high in salt/calories.

There are our 5 main reasons for growing a garden. Still worried about lack of experience? No reason to be. Anyone can do it! Gardening and growing plants has been a skill humans have been practicing and perfecting for thousands of years.

There are tons of great resources online and at your local library to help you on your gardening journey. The gardening and farming community is full of people who love nature and want you to succeed in making the planet a better place. Come with us!

Ready to join in on the fun? Your first step is to dream! Start your garden with drafting a plan - what should it look like? What do you want to grow in it? Do you want any animals; which ones?

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