About Us

Fresh. Local. Family run.

We are a small family homestead that produces fresh and local goods with a desire to help the community and protect the environment. 

Our mission is to build an environmentally friendly and self sustainable garden that produces high quality fresh and local products for our community.  We hope to share our experience and knowledge to help others do the same.


We're located in Dinwiddie, Virginia. Our vision is to develop a sustainable future for our family and the planet.

We offer fresh and local produce to the larger Central Virginia communities and educational resources to clients around the world. 

Meet our Team

Our team is our family - 3 generations working our hardest to deliver the highest quality sustainable products for you and yours. 


Head Gardener

Retired pastor and proud new grandmother.  She loves history, plants, wood fires, and a hot cup of tea in the morning. 


Mascot & Everyone's Favorite

A baby that enjoys warm milk and cuddles - his favorite word is "Ghee" and loves sleeping in the car.


Head of Sales

Teacher, daughter, wife, and mother.  She enjoys photography, dark chocolate, and coffee any time of the day. 


Lifter of Heavy Things & Moral Support

Financial Counselor, husband, and father.  He enjoys video games, Chipotle, and playing with his son. 

The Garden Plan

1.   Goats

2.  Chickens

3.  Bee hives

4.  Vegetable Planters

5.  Mushrooms and Moss farm

6.  Berry Trellis

7.  Flowers and plants for Bees

8.  Herb Planters

Garden Map numbered.jpg